A Fascinating Traditional Wedding

Village experts dressed elderly mothers in their traditional attire that is, partly dried sheepskin, ready with fresh rose flowers, to escort their woman to be married. Partially dried sheepskin odor could send a distinctive smell to the surrounding environment to attract birds, especially scavengers and dogs. Their presence in such a ceremony is a good omen and a blessing to new couples. There were two ladies: actual bride and sister dressed in identical attire to confuse groom during the choosing partner period.

Female to be married and her sister were in white long-sleeved dresses that covered their feet. Village experts covered their faces with a pink cloth with several white flowers on it, a symbol of love. From groom’s side, elderly fathers were also in sheepskins that were partially dried. Village experts shaved their heads entirely, and red ochre applied to them. The groom’s beard was smeared with white clay to distinguish him from others. Bridegroom had beads on both legs and a brown cloth that barely covered his chest part but fully covered his lower abdomen down to knees.

Elderly men prepared a particular ground

All old men had long yellow sticks with three red stripes while their marrying man had a red and completely red stick to mark a wedding ceremony. For almost a month, older mothers hid their bride from being seen by groom. Bridegroom seeing a lady to be married before their wedding is considered a bad omen.

Elderly men prepared a particular ground as a reception for a whole ceremony. That ground was initially blessed by a group of significantly ancient men in the community by pouring traditional brew from their mouths to appease the spirits. Not everyone was allowed to step on that ground before the wedding except females who were breastfeeding as older men regarded them as a fertility blessing to new couples. Young men slaughtered two bulls early in the morning on the hallowed ground and let blood flow freely. Blood flow marked the commitment and acceptance of a new marriage of the couple in society.

A specialized male horn blower blew

Specific cooks prepared several types of foods as tradition directed in a wedding ceremony. Widowed women who positively impacted the young ladies prepared brown stiff porridge; made from millet. Newly married women who were pregnant or breastfeeding prepared white corn or white stiff porridge. Cooks mixed green vegetables such as spider flower or amaranths with blood. Meat from the rib was roasted, cut into smaller pieces, and mixed with red pepper pieces with some lemon. Young girls were washing utensils, cooking tea while boys were preparing firewood, conveying information between bride’s end and groom’s end.

A specialized male horn blower blew a low-pitched horn twice as recommended. Low-pitched horn blows were meant to prepare everyone for a ceremony. Cook packed food in different traditional bowels that were designed for marriage ceremonies. Women put out fire to reduce any chance of fire accidents as young children were present. Every group assembled at different points according to their age as horn blower blew a too high-pitched horn with a style that prolonged pitch.

A Fascinating Traditional Wedding

Females were ululating at intervals saying, ‘she is ready, she is confident’ for about a minute. Ululations followed by rhythmic drum beating with men singing, “He is here for her, he is a grown man!” The procession with dancing continued for about twenty minutes before reaching at meeting point. Older men asked the groom to choose his partner just at entrance of a blessed area. If he failed to choose an actual bride, a fine of two bulls, a bag of millet, and a guard full of honey was on him.

Terrified as well as trembling, groom moved forward to choose an actual girl. The two girls looked identical in everything, including height and general body size. Smelling each of them, groom walked around them to locate partner. Groom was, however, warned against touching any of them until he was sure. People were singing, every time groom appeared confused, singing increased, as well as cries of encouragement were uttered. Groom stood in front of one lady, stretched out a hand, and landed it hand on a shoulder.

As he was unveiling bride’s face, he closed his eyes not knowing what he had fallen for. Cries of joy, dancing, ululations, plus trumpets filled the air because groom he picked bride. The groom opened his eyes and hugged the actual bride. They proceeded into the blessed ground. The parents officially handed their daughter to the groom as groom’s parents received the new couple warmly. Everyone was happy, ate until they were full, blessed the new couple with a variety of gifts.