A piece explaining how and in what sectors the USA is superior or inferior to Canada

The USA is known by almost all as among, if not the best country worldwide because it has some of the best systems, and it’s a superpower. Canada on the other hand is growing fast in terms of facilities, economy, and various other sectors, causing the need to compare the two. But the question remains, is the USA still miles ahead of Canada like earlier, or has the latter caught up and even surpassed it? The answer lies in the sector you are comparing. America has a better economy, military system, business choices, and crime incarceration, while the Canadians enjoy a bigger land mass, more lakes and fresh water, and a low crime rate.

America’s economy has been among the leading for decades, one of the reasons it is a superpower, so Canada still have so much to cover to beat it. Money supply is well-controlled and their currency is strong against other nations’ making it almost a global currency which is used in various trades. They are richer and can fund organizations or other nations in times of crisis because they have better facilities to do so and host some great professionals in business, medicine, and education.

Canada beats it though by land

The military system in the USA beats Canada’s by leaps and bounds since it has more military men and nuclear weapons, that help them and the world. USA has over a million service men and women compared to Canada’s ten times less, who protect their country against other forces and make it safe to live in. America is respected given their military, especially the Airforce and Marine do not just serve their nation, they help out in warring counties like Afghanistan and Iran, among others.

Canada beats it though by land size even though population is low and most of the land is not used. One would argue that if so much land is not used it’s a waste, but the land assures for future growth and expansion, and population is controlled. Though America is better in dealing with problems, the small land could affect them in the future given their high and still rising population. The Canadians have more lakes and fresh water too, so if the economy isn’t doing well, they can choose to farm unlike Americans who mostly rely on unnatural resources.

A piece explaining how and in what sectors the USA is superior or inferior to Canada

Though the USA has ten times more armed forces than Canada, the latter is peaceful because there are fewer people and crime rate is low. Most crime in the USA is caused by overpopulation which leaves people jobless and facilities limited, so they must fight to live. Racism also causes rifts between citizens since some, like the blacks and Hispanic must do more than pure breeds to prove their worth. These clashes cause poor relations between residents, leading to crimes like theft or murder, and even unfair jail terms.

USA and Canada are both great countries to live in given their great job offers and rich conditions but you are ever torn between which to choose. One has a super economy and military, while another enjoys peace with few crimes and has more natural resources. You could choose based on how you want to live, or which job you want to pursue, or just stay where fate leads you because these do are better than most nations.