A piece highlighting the purpose of lighting Incense

Today, you are more likely to find someone lying on their couch or seated on the ground meditating next to a lit incense stick than you will see them drink beer or take sleeping pills. So, you might wonder why someone endures all that smoke and the risks contacting diseases like cancer and asthma, or why they do not just choose a safer option. Some use incense to create the mood for meditation, deepen attention, freshen up rooms, relax and unwind, or to increase sexual desire. It’s also spiritual and religious given some people use it during sessions like funerals or masses, and it helps the brain’s actions by raising hormones.

Fragrances like Sandalwood and Frankincense in Incense affect your body and mind, helping you relax, unwind, and reduce the stress caused by everyday hustles. People who work most hours a day and have different problems to solve daily must have a relaxed mind to start the next day refreshed, so burning the sticks allows them to achieve that. Moreover, the fragrance could reduce your body activities like breathing or regulate a heartbeat, hence enable your mind to top racing and concentrate on studying, working, or other activities.

The aromatic fragrances like Jasmine and

It’s a good stimulus when meditating because all your focus and attention should be there, something the aroma ensures you get. When you choose the right fragrance that puts you in the right frame of mind but doesn’t drown your thoughts, you can pay better attention, heighten your senses, and lift your spirits. Since meditation demands undivided focus, burning aromas allow you to concentrate on it and find the best answers you could about a certain subject. It’s also used for religious and traditional practices like funerals to create good karma or in mass, and to measure the passage of time like in ancient Asian functions.

The aromatic fragrances like Jasmine and Vanilla or Rose increase sexual desire, while Lavender handles insomnia and is safer than candles which could easily catch fire. Aromas are good aphrodisiacs that heighten the mood for sex by capturing and directing your minds towards the act, so couples use them to improve their sexual encounters, especially if they’re having libido problems. Insomnia is a common problem when you are stressed out or had a long day, therefore the Lavender smell can relax your mind into drifting off to sleep, after which most of the stress will vanish.

A piece highlighting the purpose of lighting Incense

When your house is enclosed and the ventilation isn’t good, you can use incense fragrances to freshen it up and get the aroma of your choice. A stuffy house isn’t just uncomfortable for you, it is for your guests and could cause breathing problems too, so you should control the bad smells using incense sticks. The likes of Rose and Jasmine are very refreshing, so they will both bring that perfect smell in the house, and relax your mind. Incense is medicinal because it raises hormones in the brain which brighten your mood, aid digestion, and reduce depression or headaches without serious side effects like those of drugs.

You can use a candle to brighten your mood, drugs to stop stress and headaches, or perfumes to freshen your house, but people still burn incense because it’s very effective. Whether it is for religious, relaxation, spiritual or meditation purposes, you get a new experience by trying something unlike the ones you used before. The only thing you must watch is the smoke that if inhaled for long might cause lung issues or cancer.