The strength of the Canadian military

Some times, it is left to the imagination to wonder what the society would look like without the different national armies. There have been wars fought for bad reasons while others have been for good causes. For example, fighting against terrorist from various countries in South Asia. Not every nation fights for a good reason but few have proven to always be on the good side.

A good example of such a

A good example of such a country is Canada, all that’s heard about this place is how stable life can be for a person there, you would always hear of how there is little or no crime in this country, where going out at night is never considered dangerous. To top that off, the police are known to be well-trusted by the masses, a kind of friendship is groomed between the masses and the police. The culture available there is one for good consideration as they live simple lives and do things in such a way that would continue to uplift their economy. All these reasoning shows why tourists love to go there for vacations, foreign students love to complete their education there and other people are migrating daily to this country.

The strength of the Canadian military

Canada is located in North America where its borders are shared with the United States of America who is considered to be their close neighbors. For this reason, there are various comparisons made between them, an example is the comparisons made between their economies. Though the United States is hugely considered to be much bigger than Canada in many aspects, that does not put a damp in saying that Canada is still up there in the best category. To show this, the focus today is on their military which is a key point in putting them as one of the best countries to date.

As other military sectors worldwide, the Canadian army is invested in by the government. One thing to know about the Canadian military is that when it comes to numbers of physical persons in the military, the percentage is low compared to the likes of the United States. But they are known to have made up for it in technology where the best pieces of equipment and devices needed for warfare at any time is at the ready. The vast experience by their military is a good thing as they fought in both world wars and others that came after that. Through all of it, this army always proved to other nations that they are a force to be reckoned with. The fact that Canada has had lots of peaceful relationships with its neighboring countries make for them to always be assured of military help whenever it’s needed.

Given where Canada is located in North America, any country invading such a place would have to cross over other countries first which is why the Canadian military don’t have to worry much as other nations would not stand for such crossing. But as seen in the NATO where Canadian forces are utilized, they show at every turn how good and effective they