Why Canada Does Not Have Marines

Many individuals, especially Americans or the English, assume that Canada has a military as strong as the United States, this is only partially true. A Marine is an armed soldier assigned to a naval vessel with the aim of launching an assault on both land and sea. The ship’s crew has been trained to operate it, but Marines are trained to assault other boats or ground sites (effectively).

There are no Marines in Canada and Canada’s military has very few soldiers compared to the U.S., but what about reserve divisions? There are none either and any soldiers who serve in these divisions have to be federally appointed because there is no way for them to be private citizens drafted into service. This can make it harder for troops when defending against attacks from other nations’ armies since they lack a trained reserve of their own.

The idea of having a military

To compensate for this shortfall, Canada has a special reserve force known as the Canadian Rangers. These are volunteers who are trained to fight for their country’s attack and defense. The main purpose is to guard against attacks from other countries like Britain, although they occasionally go on raids against terrorist organizations like separatists or drug traffickers. Rangers also hunt out polar bears and drunk skiers by themselves.

The idea of having a military can actually be traced back to 1868 when Canada was still part of the British Empire. To protect Canada from American expansionism, section 93 of the British North America Act was passed. This section of the BNA Act allowed the United Kingdom to create a militia for Canada.

Why Canada Does Not Have Marines

Today, the Canadian Rangers are in part paid for by the federal government of Canada, but many of them still have to work part-time jobs to enable them to pay their bills. Rangers can be seen patrolling northern Canada with snowmobiles or boats, are often expected to do things like provide first aid or help with search and rescue missions. The Rangers are taught basic military skills like how to read a map and how to communicate with other units to help them defend against attacks.

Independently, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) can stand its ground against any attacks. The CAF consists of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), as well as other air force and army branches. They’ve also taken an active role in Afghanistan where they had soldier’s training camps there, something that is not common for militias or reserve forces. Some have even been involved with peacekeeping interventions.

Having a strong military is not Canada’s primary objective because they want to maintain good relations with all of their neighbors that they would not want to anger by showing off their prowess. Although there is the fact that Canada has a navy, it lacks a powerful Blue Water Navy. As a result, there is a restricted need for marines. However, if you consider marines in the more modern perspective of allowing a nation to project power from the sea to land, Canada has plenty of expertise.